Let's set and live the standards of our lives.

LIVE YOUR STANDARDS was born from the belief that if we constantly work with ourselves to be the best we can, living with high and meaningful standards true to who we are, our time on earth will be much more rich and enjoyable.


We want to take you beyond social norms and the sometimes dishonest deceptions about oneself so that we may walk through life exactly as we are. 

By constantly showing up as our true authentic self we have a greater chance to be of influence and service to the world. 

A greater possibility to lead a life that makes people better.


That’s what LIVE YOUR STANDARDS is truly about. Making people better.


A part of our background springs from professional sport where it is required to step up to challenges and push through adversity instead of avoiding it. This requires a mindset that is focused, optimistic and pointed towards hard work that is aligned with both one’s own mission and purpose, as well as the mission and purpose of the team.


Sports and life have so many similarities. We want to take the standards required to perform on the highest level in sports and transfer it into excellence, contribution and meaning in everyday life.


LIVE YOUR STANDARDS creates, not only elegant, but above all exceptional work out gear that moves with you towards your vision. We believe in love, respect and celebration of others. Doing what we can to figure out how we can use our gifts and skills for the betterment of the people around us.

For the team.

For the world.


That’s where we’re coming from, and that’s what we want to build, refine, package and share. Mindset with a mission. Grounded in purpose, with high standards and a strong mindset, we can use our time on earth wisely. 

That’s what LIVE YOUR STANDARDS is about.


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