Standards Interviews

Other people is a magical source of wisdom that easily could influence and elevate our own lives.

If we’re skilled at filtrating the words, perspectives and standards from other people and adjust it to fit our own motivations, core values and bigger purpose – we’re setting ourselves up for progression.

Meaning comes from being connected to something bigger than just yourself, and these interviews are pointed towards something bigger.

It’s about living a life true to who we really are, and use ourselves in a way that makes others better.

Our hope, intention and motivation are that these interviews can help you be better, more curious, and more courageous to be who you truly are, and then in your turn inspire others to do and be the same.

It’s an amazing vortex that really elevates the world, one by one. Person to person.

One unique true Self after another, with a care for each other.



Workout in clothes aligned with your standards.