The daily commitment of a lifelong journey

The daily commitment of a lifelong journey

The daily commitment of a lifelong journey:

Keeping an open mind and an optimistic eye on what could be.
On what you may have the potential to become.

To not get stuck in a rigid self-image or being dominated by a noisy world.
Reminding yourself that love, humor, exploration and unique creations are more important than productivity and the illusion of status.

When sickness and death are present, it’s pretty clear what life should be about.

Take ownership of your daily choices to really change in a meaningful way. Structure your life in a way that helps you grow.

LET yourself embody a childlike spirit and explore uncharted territories .

It isn’t that wins and accomplishments aren’t cool and have their place, but what’s the point if you never play, rest, laugh or like yourself?

It’s time for more wonder and wisdom, less protocols and mechanical knowledge without any sense of humility and greater understanding for the complex nature of life and souls.

When awe and true connection (and sickness and death) are present, who cares about accomplishments, numbers or being right.

Live your standards.


Photography by
Marcus Falk Olander

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