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Raising standards

We are all here to enjoy life.

How we enjoy and celebrate life will be different for every human and that’s a richness in itself.

But we are here to do more than that.

It’s not just about enjoying or celebrating – we have also come to this planet to grow. To learn, experience and figuring out who we are. What we are about.


We are here to help others to the same.

We are here to really make an effort to help less fortunate people to celebrate life.

People are different.

Life is not equal.

A job we all have is to celebrate that people are different and to make this planet a more respectful, kind and equal world.

This job is unbelievable complex and multi- multifactorial. It’s a responsibility but also a tremendously possibilty. To do things for others, to contribute to health, safety, joy and true expression for others are big parts to make our lives meaningful. Our focus and efforts are mostly pointed towards mental health and a better, more respectful and compassionate environment for youths, and this chapter in our JOURNAL is about raising standards in the world.

Raising standards


Workout in clothes aligned with your standards.