Raising standards

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Raising standards

In a time where we know more than ever about our brain and mind, about human function, desires and progression, we as a whole are not feeling well.

Our time on earth is not just about more days. It’s about more days of vibrance, connection and contribution.

We have a profound and fundamental work in front of us to understand ourselves better, and then be better.

We can’t just celebrate and value winning, records and status.
The cost is too high, for ourselves and as a collective.

Connection, level of positive influence and the skill to be present without judging need to be valued and prioritized.

If we can be better to ourselves first and then others, other people will be better to us.

This creates a stronger vortex from were we can flourish as individuals and as a collective, and compete for wins, growth and trophies.

We need to start at the right end. Lift a broader wisdom about life into the light, with respect for other people’s journey.

We want less people to suffer from loneliness, from bullying and from the constant struggle to live up to a norm that is unreachable and not true to who we actually are. Raising standards leads this work for us.

Raising standards leads our work to bring more vibrance into this world.

Raising standards leads our work to bring more love and kindness into this world.

Vibrance is about mental, physical and spiritual health. About a solid trust and love for ourselves, and with courage and determination to go through life exactly as who we are. With empathy, respect and love for others at the center.

Raising standards supports the organisation Aldrig Ensam to help building a better world.

Aldrig Ensam’s own words:

Aldrig Ensam är en ideell organisation som startades av Charlie Eriksson 2013 för att bidra till en mer öppen dialog kring psykisk ohälsa. Syftet är att sprida information och kunskap för att bryta tystnaden och alla tabun. Alla kan drabbas – antingen själv eller som anhörig.

Mottot för Aldrig Ensam är att ingen ska behöva leva med psykisk ohälsa i hemlighet. Charlie är en stor förebild för många och har lyckats sätta ord på något så tabubelagt som psykisk ohälsa. Aldrig Ensams Facebooksida har blivit en mötesplats för drabbade och deras anhöriga. Här delar hundratusentals människor med sig av råd och erfarenheter, varje vecka. Nu utvecklar Aldrig Ensam sin verksamhet med nya engagemang för att sprida budskapet vidare.

Ingen ska behöva leva med psykisk ohälsa i hemlighet.

No matter who we are or what we do – we can help to foster an environment where we celebrate uniqueness and support each other.

If you want to support Aldrig Ensam you can make a donation by swish to: 123 222 80 39

You can of course pick another organisation or approach to make a positive impact in the world.

You can also support the world by being the best person you can be, valuing respect, kindness and everyone’s equal value. Being active in implementing and strengthen those standards in your every day life.

That’s how we raise the standards.

Bidra till Aldrig Ensam

Swisha till:123 222 80 39