So far, what has been the main driving-force in your life? 

In the earlier years a strong driving-force was money and material things. 
Over time my mindset and values shifted more and more towards growth and elevation, especially mentally and spiritually. 
The connection and faith in something bigger and stronger. A higher force that helps us forth. 

A big driving-force is to have a connection with this force, as well as meaningful connection with other people. To be more awake and grow together. 

I may be do it through business, while other people do it in their own way, but everything are about the collective elevation. 

To really contribute to something bigger than each one of us. 

What do you do things for? What matters? 

I need to do things that have a bigger meaning than just ’the thing’. That contributes to the betterment of the world, not just our company or field. 
What really matter for me are passion and purpose, and those two for me are to grow and to help other people grow, no matter the context. 
To learn from mistakes, instead of getting stuck because of them. See them as parts of my progress, which they really are. 

So even though passion is really important, it’s not enough. Purpose has to be linked to it as well. Something bigger than just the passion and well-being of oneself. 

I work really hard to align those two, and when I’m able to do it I feel a strong sensation of flow. 
So, passion x purpose = flow. That’s why I do things. That’s what matters. 


Our purpose can, and will, change during our life. 

It’s important to not get stuck in that we must have the same purpose from day 0 to our last day. To be mindful and aware, to really listen inwards, will help us connect to our purpose, and to be aware of when something needs to shift.

Then we need some discipline and commitment to really be able to shift it, step by step. 

To ’live your standards’ – what does that mean to you? 

That is about being the best version of myself, and the elevation of that is mostly an inner feeling of comfirmation. Or a nagging feeling when I’m not living my standards.

I have six components I find really important to be able to be the best version of myself and, without a particular order, they are:

Spiritual and personal development
Leisure and interests 

Work is, again, really about finding a purpose and meaning of why you do things.

In economy I want to set a clear target about what I want to achieve, but also to learn more about what economy really is. How it responds to different events and situations, and how to adjust in an effective way. 

Spiritual and personal development are about two things: 
Being curious and open, and to listen deeply to your inmost self. 
And, an important addition; without judging!! 

Go really deep, with curiosity as the strongest intention, and do not judge yourself.

Relationships: Surround yourself with people that gives you energy. People that really cares about you, no matter position, status, financial state, what you wear or what you like. That´s an important spring of love and meaningful connection. 

Health. Our body is our tool and it will carry us through life. I remind myself often that if it’s gonna have the capacity to perform at the level I want to perform at, and do it year after year, I need to take care of it. It’s also really important to me because if I’m not feeling good in my body, my mind will not function at my highest capacity either. 

Sleep, nutrition and training are the three most important parts. In that order! 

Leisure and interests. Find something that fills you up in every possible way, and for a long time, not just when doing the thing. 
For me it´s to be in the nature as much as I possible can. I really enjoy outdoor activities such as golf, boating and going for long hikes in beautiful surroundings.

Which three standards define who you are? 

Patience, which is something I need to work really hard for. I have it, I need to have it, but it often comes with an internal conflict. I often want things to come quicker than they do, and that some people should work faster. I need to work with myself to be able to have patience and to stay grounded. Everything is a process, and some take longer time. 

The next thing is a positive mindset. 
To be aware of my thoughts, and focus more on the productive ones. Focus more on what’s working. But of course, it’s also really important to see and highlight what’s not working. To be able to push through those times.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that we need to see everything as it is, but with a filter of possibilty. What one can do, and have the strength and discipline to do it. 
To see options and spread an optimistic vibe to others instead of the other way around. 

The third thing is to HAVE FUN. It’s so important to laugh, to remind yourself of the fun side of life, without any restriction. You will do a better job, and you will enjoy life more, which will influence others in a really important way. 

What are the words of your inner dialogue – that you repeatedly tell yourself – that are critical? 

That I’m not good enough. Both in my work and as a human being. That I’m not enough to others. I want to do so much, for so many, but do I walk the talk?
That type of self-judgment, self-criticism. 

How do you handle it?

It’s about zooming out and look at the bigger picture, as objective as possible. Having a coaching role with myself, without getting too controlled by emotions. 

What in your life is challenging you the most right now?

The uncertainty. It’s profound. The whole world, the wole playing field is about to change.
It’s really hard to come up with strategies in times like these. 

What are the skills/thoughts/behavior that help you cope with uncertain times?

I’m trying to shorten my perspective. Live day by day and try to do my best in every situation with the information that is available, instead of getting stuck in long-term plans or different thoughts of what could be. 

What skill of yours are the most precious to you?

My ambition to accomplish things that are aligned with my purpose to help people grow. My desire for accomplishment is really strong. 

What brings you the most joy?

Achievements in my work. To reach a big goal together with our group.


On a scale 1-10, and you are not allowed to say 7, how good are you to not care what other people think? 


On a scale 1-10, and you are not allowed to say 7, how important is physical training for you? And how is your training regime look like? 


I take a one hour long powerwalk every morning, seven days a week. 
I also aim for two running sessions with high-intensity intervals, 2-3 strength sessions and 1 yoga-session, every week. 

On a scale 1-10, and you are not allowed to say 7, how important is mental training for you? And how do you train your inner world?


Mindfulness and meditation. It shifts how I do it, but mostly I meditate 20 minutes, where I focus and refocus on my breath. 
Sometimes I can also decide to go for a walk with the intention to only do the thing I’m doing, which is to walk
No music, no podcast, no judging! Just walk. 

What do you think is the biggest barrier for people to reach their full potential? 

Themselves, in some profound ways. One, they downgrade their own ability and worth. And two, they are not clear about what they are passionate about, and what their purpose is. If you can figure out what drives you, and how to use this in a bigger way, you will get both more motivation and more determination, which will help you towards your highest potential. 

How do you find your purpose?

By never stop searching. By never stop listening to your inmost self. Some people know early, some when they are 20 and some when they are 40. Never stop looking, and let curiosity be the main driving-force. 

What is the most important skill to be a leader of the world? 

A big, big heart, and to be a leader of yourself. To act in a really authentic way. 

What is the most important skill to be a leader of Self? 

Awareness, and to really take responsibility of who you are. It’s about living your standards. Own it 100%. 

What are you tired of?

Procrastination in general, even for myself. 

How do you/we, handle it?

We all need to have a plan, a direction, and then it’s about self-discipline to take action
It’s also important to do it with compassion to yourself. To not be too harsh, but to lead yourself back to the plan and direction.
It sometimes happens, just handle it in a good way. 

In order to live your standards, and to live in alignment with your purpose to help people grow – what do you need? What are the must-haves? 

I need to expose myself to situations. Push my capacity and build different types of experiences. 
If I don’t have a deep understanding of myself, of life, and if I never have faced any setbacks it’s really hard to lead and guide others in challenging situations and times. 
It’s also really important to recover properly so I can play the long game. A purpose is much bigger than a goal. You don’t just reach it, it’s a way of life. 
Without good sleep and good food it’s really hard to show up every day, 100% connected with ones purpose. 

3 standards from you, for the standards nation to cultivate, that you think will have a profound impact on the quality of their lives? 

Look for your purpose. Every day.
Find your passion. 
Try to align them. 

Photography by
Marcus Falk Olander

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