A course for your growth


is a process for your growth. It’s a course, not with answers but with questions, organized in a way that will give structure and direction to your motivation to live your best life. Connecting with the core of who you really are, letting go of what’s not important and commit to walking the extra mile in the areas that you value.
That’s active work, and KREATION is about that work. KREATION will guide, support and challenge you to reveal and refine what’s truly important and meaningful to you. Point you efforts and decisions in a meaningful direction instead of any direction. All of this so that you will grow as a human being, create and perform in areas you find important, and structure your life so you can use your unique gifts to be a positive influence during your time on earth. Challenging questions and concepts to explore and answer, but the reward is the freedom to be YOU.
To live intentionally and true in each and every moment.

You do the work mostly in solitude. Going through the 9 chapters at your own pace. Really making a commitment to yourself to explore what you want to do and how you want to be during the journey.

Because it is a journey. Both KREATION and life itself.

KREATION course - quote Expressing exactly who you are and creating what you want - guarded and guided by your core values, by profound self-respect and by the knowing of how YOU want to live.