Less second-guessing more trust to just handle what is.

Walking through life without the need to know or figuring out everything, but instead leaning on a fundamental trust of yourself and the process, give you an inner sense of strength, calm and freedom.
If you can lean on your flexibility skills and your capability to adjust (which we all can learn by continuously challenge ourself and live life with great clarity), you will use your energy, talent and personality in a way that is integrated with reality instead of wrestling with a future that always will be uncertain.
With clarity of your standards, purpose and how you want to be in life, you can adjust your reaction/non-reaction/decisions towards what’s most optimal for you. Point your behavior in a way that leads to the person that you want to become.  

In contradiction, trying to figure out everything in advance will very often be energy wasted and moments of authenticity, connection and creation missed .
Bring your focus, vibrance and purpose into this moment, and be everything you are here and now. It’s not only satisfying and the foundation for your best performance, it’s also the optimal preparation for the future.

More deep breathing.

Deep breathing. What a luxury. 

To be where you are, even in your mind, without any thoughts or motivation to be somewhere else. With a deep, mindful and present inhalation pull fresh air through your system, let it touch your soul, pause a couple of seconds at the bottom and then let everything out in a twice as long exhalation. Letting go of everything but this moment.
Just enjoying a moment.

What. A. Luxury. 

More art in living, leading and creating less perfection and attachment to outcomes. 

The immense freedom that comes with unrestricted curiosity.
Untouched, free creativity is the fuel of art. Perfection takes you away from freedom and curiosity and the will to explore the unseen, explore life, yourself and what’s possible. 

All of us wants to do our best work, and it can easily shape a frame of perfection, because perfection is our best work, because it’s perfect. But when we aim for perfection we only see an already set outcome. The risk is also high that our motivation and curiosity are reduced, because that’s what perfection often does to us.  

It’s hard to take in new ideas or “just try stuff,” because that’s not aligned with perfection in the earliest phase. 

If we instead can let go of perfection and start to explore and create, shape and reshape, build and play and support ourself in it as a goal as worthy and meaningful as the result/outcome – we will create even better things.
Over time our skills, perspectives and wisdom will be even greater, giving us never-ending chances to create masterpieces, no matter domain.
Regardless if it’s for business, for fun or just for the richness of creation, letting go of attachment to (perfect) outcomes will make you better.

More observing less judging. 

Sometimes we can twist different thoughts together in a messy, non-energising or productive way.

Even though we can only have one thought at a time, we can be really quick in switching between different ones, sometimes in a negative spiral that isn´t of anything good.

There’s a lot of opportunities every day to practice being without engaging, judging or evaluating anything at all.
Just be and rest in awareness.

To do this we have to decide to take ‘this particular moment/situation’ and just be there and nothing more.
Not wasting any energy or vibrance but instead feel energised and more alive which is what often happens when we make a fundamental decision to detach and just let things be exactly as they are
No need to change anyone’s opinion. No need to evaluate your performance. No need to make plans for the future.
No need to eat, organise, practice or using time optimally.
Just the need to be in your own body, in this moment, shoulders down, empty mind and a calm connection to your spirit.

When your thoughts doesn’t shift quickly in an interfering way, more peace, harmony and contentment will follow. 

That’s freedom.

More smiles and nice words to others; family, friends and totally unknown.

How cool is it to be a loving person to others?
To make people feel safe and calm, just from being in your presence.

To really take of your time, energy and vocabulary and say kind, cool and supporting things to those around you, will contribute to the betterment of this world.
Not just saying the words, but back them up with a lot of good intentions and loving vibes, making people really feel the words.

If we also could listen in a very present way, our words then will have an even greater impact.  

Use yourself to be a positive force in the lives of others, and you can be sure about building a foundation of gratitude, connection, love and meaning in your life. 

Everything meaningful always includes more than just ourselves.


Photography by
Marcus Falk Olander

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