It’s about winning together now

It’s about winning together now

It’s hard to care.
It’s hard to push your own capacity in order to create a new normal.

And it can be hard to celebrate the work, progress and successes of others, when you don’t see or feel any results for yourself.

But we believe that it’s the journey that really matters.
Your attitude, your effort to grow, and your intentions to be an inspiration to others.

We’re now in a time when it’s more about who you are than what you accomplish. More about what we accomplish together than alone.

Celebrating and supporting both ourselves and others during our pursuit of progress, of a higher tolerance – will give us more motivation and a higher sense of meaning, not less. 

Dropping the I-win-you-lose-mentality is the only way to lead this planet forward.

Elisabeth, Oliver, Simon and Susanna are true examples of high-minded people working for good in this world. Starting with themselves and then extending it to others. Through their own actions they inspire others to go for it. 

To push our capacity to the edge of comfort in order to create a new normal.

To build higher tolerance, gain deeper wisdom and a true knowing of what we are capable of.

It’s not about your wins and losses. Not about your title or status.  
It’s about how you use these things to be an example for good, in your unique way. 
To 1 person or thousands.

It’s time to step up and out. 
Embody who you truly are and put in the effort to express it in a way that others can benefit from as well.

Making sure that your talents and unique personality are seen by the world.


Photography by
Kim Hellström

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