EASY isn’t the goal

EASY isn’t the goal

isn’t the goal.

The journey is the goal.

The lifelong process of becoming.

The fundamental commitment to work with your fears, using your strengths, and creating what you want to see in the world.

Honoring your gifts and time on this planet by living a life true to who you really are, continuously working on who you have the potential to become.

Walking the extra mile in the areas that you value.

Committing to what you find important, standing for what you believe in, making a daily effort to embody a person that you are proud of.

Never stop working on ’Becoming.’

Personally and professionally.

But at the same time, don’t forget to celebrate who you are right now. 

Being your true self RIGHT NOW — supporting yourself through the good days and the bad days, and when you’re at the edge of what you are comfortable with — is the path to becoming. 

‘Your best’ in any given situation, followed up by some thoughtful reflections and small but consistent iterations, is not just how you grow, but also how you create meaning.
Not many things are more powerful than the sense of power and self-directed meaning in your life.

Add competence and you have a really potent mix for living a passionate, purposeful life. Not despite the setbacks, mistakes and hard times, but because of them.
You can only build confidence by doing hard things. By succeeding in intense environments, and by recovering from the times when you’re not successful.

Continue on your true path no matter what. Be determined to perform and grow, but also to enjoy the richness of life and the fruits of your hard work.

Living a rich life isn’t about shiny objects, winning over others, or about a smooth journey, free from setbacks and obstacles from birth to death.

On the contrary.

It is within the hard times and the tough lessons that we cultivate wisdom, build resilience and learn to appreciate nature’s beauty, a mindful presence, and even the smallest act of kindness.

Is mistakes, setbacks and difficult times an inevitable part of a lifelong journey?


How do you want to handle challenging times?

What do you want stand for?

What do you really believe, even if other people don’t?

The test is always when something happens:

Can you stay true to who you really are, and to what you really believe in? And at the same time respect and rest mindfully in the fact that other people have a different point of view??

Can you continue with high standards and beautifully keep working on the things that really matter?

Live your standards.


Photography by
Marcus Falk Olander

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