Liking yourself.

Liking yourself.

Keep going.

Do whatever you need to do
to really be you.

Expose yourself to situations,
and wise people that will help you grow.

Because growth is a fundamental life force and fuel for more life.

If you are not yet taking authentic steps, start now.

If you are busy constructing a false personality as a protective shield against external stressors
(people), stop now.

There is no need for rigid protection, but there is great need for self-acceptance.

True strength is to not having to defend yourself or internalizing everything that is said to or about you.

The goal isn’t goals or empty likes. 

The journey is the goal, and success is to like the journey.

Liking yourself.

Approaching life with curiosity instead of defensiveness.

Being focused on watering the seeds of life instead of avoiding criticism.

Death is the finish line, and it’s coming someday. Hopefully far from now, but we don’t know.

So dress up, show up, and embrace the journey.

Live your standards.


Photography by
Marcus Falk Olander

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