A lot of the texts and messages in our JOURNAL can be trigging the thoughts (and feelings) of ”I can’t manage this” or
”this is too much right now.”

It can also be a very subtle, almost unconscious feeling of restriction.
Restriction to do the work. 

To think about hard questions. 

Restriction to really go inward and get to know your deepest, inmost self.

What are you about?
What are you afraid of?
How do you distract yourself? When? Why? 

How do you get back? 

Why are you triggered by this and that, him and her? 
Are you doing your best? 
Do you have the courage to speak your truth? 
Which people do you allow to impact your world? 

When you will leave this world, what do you hope that you’ve done right? 

Which words do you want others to describe you with when you are done with this lifetime? 

It’s really hard, and it can be perceived as really dark. But it’s not dark. 

It’s you. 

If you’re not doing this type of work the chance (risk) is high that you will spend much of your time on earth as somebody else than who you really are. 
If you don’t actively live as the person you want to be, there are so much noise and norms from other people and society that will decide for you what to do and what not to do. 

That’s confusing. 
That’s exhausting. 
That’s not meaningful or stimulating. 

By doing the deep work and challenge yourself to find out who you really are, what you’re hiding in the shadow, and what would be possible if you brought that into the light for you to work with.
The work with your ideal standards, about how your best life looks like – are unbelievable demanding and uncomfortable, but it’s not exhausting, because it’s the most important work you could ever do. 

Now you work with yourself.
For yourself.
You are not using all of your mental energy to fit into the framework of others. 

Over time, with the concistency of work, the overwhelming feelings from going deep inside of yourself will lighten, and a sharper and more authentic vision will appear.

That’s so satisfying.

The connection with your true self and a sharp alignment of your standards and behaviors will help you live more freely and with a stronger appreciation for yourself and others. 
You can let everyone be exactly as they like, because you know who you are and what you are here to do. 

If everyone would do this work with oneself, our planet would be even more beautiful and supportive, and from there we all could work for our highest potential, and to express our gifts and talents in a way that contributes to the well-being of the planet.

The knowing of how hard it is to do the inner work to be able to express your gifts and talents and to live in alignment with your standards, mission and purpose, will give you great empathy and compassion for the people who challenge themselves to sort out who they are. 

You will become a support and a resource for people, not ”outside noise” or a critic. 

A source of love, light and good intentions.

Without anything said or done, just a great support, just by being you.

It’s a fundamental work to get yourself there, but the upside is immense. 
And the work will continue throughout your whole life. The importance of this work, of having great awareness and making adjustments, will not change. 

What will change is that you over time will shift your thoughts from ”I don’t have the capacity to manage this,” ”it is too much” / ”too deep,” to thoughts and feelings that you can’t be without it

That you need this type of routine to be the best you can be, to yourself and to others.
It will create a solid foundation for you to be able to live your high standards with great empathy, a loving heart and with endless fire to reveal your fullest potential.

For the sake of yourself and for the sake of the world. 

It can be hard to manage, at first. But we can’t leave it undone. The cost is too high. 
You’ll pay with your Self. 
With your vibrance, happiness and with (real) connection to others.

Do the work

Live your standards, not someone else’s.  


Photography by
Marcus Falk Olander

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