It’s a possibility for all of us to be a powerful person.
A person who adds value, who spreads love, who have high standards and are willing to stand up for them.

Standing up for our standards, for who we are, will challenge others. In a good way for many, in a frustrating/jealous/constricting way for others.
We are not willing to lower our level of thinking, our standards or our fire for life because it’s too much for (some) people.

If everything we do comes from authenticity, hard work and with great empathy and respect for others, who have the right to say something about that?

Who could possibly argue with a persons will to be ones best, to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life, and who at the same time have respect for everyone else’s process and progress?
If (when) someone will argue anyway, we can easily move on with the reminder to ourselves that we are a hard working human being who wants to lead a meaningful life grounded on high standards.

We all have our own definition of a meaningful life. An unique way of expressing ourselves, using our gifts and navigate through both the lighter and the darker parts of our human experience that everyone of us will encounter.

Going through both successful and challenging times with integrity, authenticity and clear values about how we want to be, to ourselves and others, and having the strength and discipline to stay true to them, means coming into any context with really high standards.
A mindful and sharp presence that is contagious.

It’s a powerful way to influence the people around us in a very good way.

Photography by
Marcus Falk Olander

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