A mission we all have

A mission we all have

We think a job everyone on this planet have is to bring your unique experience, wisdom, personality and best skills out to the world. Letting others benefit from who you are, and being loving, kind and curious as you do it.

Living your best life, going for what you cherish and value, but do it in a way that is bigger than just yourself, is really powerful.
If more people can benefit from who you are, if you can contribute to others growth and support their journeys, the world will be better.
A more mission-minded world where growth, personality and real connection are more important than winning or perfection, will help to improve health and raise the vibration of the planet.
It will cultivate the respect and empathy needed to create a sustainable world.

To win can be important, but never as important as who you are and what you do with who you are.

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How do you want to structure your life?
How can you use yourself to be a positive force in this world?

Explore yourself from the inside out. Listen to what’s coming up from the silence within you.
Apply your insights in the outer world to get more information, mainly from your feeling of what feels good, is motivating and natural, and what isn’t.

Your way forward is not always obvious, but exploring, contemplating and working actively with your insights are tools, a frame and a foundation to work from. To live from.

And – being kind, gentle and supportive to others along the way.

That’s a mission we all have.

It’s the way to make both the planet and your limited time in it more fulfilling, rich and meaningful.


Photography by
Marcus Falk Olander

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