We don’t truly know what people around us are going through. 

Without a doubt, we all have things to deal with. Eventually we’ll find ourselves in the darker part of this human experience.
And we need to face it.

Support from others and connection to something greater really help when we need to deal with sadness, fear and/or other overwhelming thoughts or emotions. Support from others is one of the most important things for all of us, and it’s also something that we all can do.

Being kind and supportive to others.

We can do our very best to be gentle to people. Really make an effort to not be the reason for another person’s disappointment or sadness. Being sensitive and careful so we don’t pull even more in an already fragile soul.

There are so much important work to do in the world, and everyone’s work for a better planet will be different. There are so many organisations and causes to support, and questions about equality, justice, hunger, education and countless more, to shine the lights on.

No person can do it all. We can’t invest our time and energy in every important challenge.
It’s important that we have respect for our different journeys, and that our thoughts and actions are pointed towards different causes, each one of them important and urgent in it’s own way.

We have different purposes, which eventually will merge into one; making people and the world better

We need to respect, support and celebrate that we are different. We should be grateful that other people work in other parts of this one mission to make the world better. 

We can’t accept that people don’t contribute to a better world, but we must accept that we all do it in different ways. 
If we do not accept this – thinking, screaming or fighting because we want everyone to invest in what we ourselves see as the only or most obvious thing to do, or the most obvious inequality to fight for – we will bring more conflict into the world, not less. 

That everyone is working to make our planet better are beyond important, but the fact and human limitations remain; 
No one can do everything. We need to help each other. 

It’s (unbelievable) complex, but what we all can do is easy. 

We can be gentle, kind and supportive to people. Make an effort and a commitment to work together.

That’s a big part of how we can elevate the world. 

Photography by
Marcus Falk Olander

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