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Here comes our first video + program for a high level training session for the whole body, as well as for focus and the mental capability to push your edges.

Our aim is that our videos will be a spark of inspiration and direction for your training.
A source you can draw different components from and implement in your life and training regimen that you find helpful and progressive.

This is a general program were it’s needed that you already have a solid experience of gym training, a sharp body awareness, and the discipline and focus to adjust load, volume and execution in a way that is healthy and sustainable for you.


Warm up

5 minutes machine row – increase the intensity every minute
Side lunges with upper body rotation – 10 each side
Hip hinges with arm drivers – 10 each side
Bulgarian split squat, arms over your head – 10 each side


Superset 1 – 3 rounds
Lunges backwards w. rotation w. medicine ball – 8 each leg
Lying hip raises + leg curl first round – 8 (use both legs) 2nd, 3rd round – 8 each leg (more explosive)

Superset 2 – 4 rounds
Chins – 8
Push-ups first round – 8 – round 2,3,4 add shoulder touch on a ball – 4 each side

Superset 3 – 4 rounds
Romanian deadlifts w. dumbbells – 6 – increase the weight after every round
Side plank crunches – 10 each side

Superset 4 – 3 rounds
Side lunges w. dumbbell row – 5 each side
Bulgarian split squat w. quick foot touch, bodyweight – 10 each side


Rest 90 seconds between sets/rounds.
Focus on control first, then add load.
Do adjustments so your execution fits your anatomy and eventual problems.
We don’t want to feel pain – be wise and see a professional if you need. We’re looking for long-term progression founded on high standards and to consistently focus on what’s meaningful and in our control.


Effort. Did you do your absolutely best…?
Attitude. How did you approach your session…? Optimistic and aligned with your goals?
Presence. Were you focused in every exercise, in every single repetition? If not, where were your focus pointed at?


Training is long-term. Do everything you can to put your focus, time and energy into the things that you can control.
Things that serves your growth and are aligned with your standards, core values and goals.
Actively let go of the rest.

Photography by
Kim Hellström

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