Session 0004 is for inspiration as well as a reminder for you to continue to work with yourself. Physical training is an excellent analogy for progression in any domain: We need to work hard and intentionally, tweak the resistance to challenge us in an optimal way, and then recover.
We’ll all have bad days, it’s included in the process. When one of them comes, handle it with flexibility, strength and acceptance. Focus on recovery, top class preparations and remind yourself of why you’re doing things. We need to push ourselves and take responsibility for what’s in our control, but being overly critical is not the way.

Pick what appeals and suits your taste, goals and most importantly, your body. Make sure that you execute every movement in a conscious and safe way.

Clothes: Francesca Top and Luna tights

Warm up

Ankle mobility + reaches – 10 + 10 each foot
Seated internal rotation – 15 each side
World’s greatest stretch – 10 each side
Side lunges w. upper body rotation – 10 each side
Lunges backwards – 10 each side
Single leg forward leaning w. arm drivers – 10 each side
Bulgarian split squats – 10 each side
Ankle jumps – 10


Superset / 3 rounds
Lunges backwards + step up w. press – 8 each side
Row w. kettlebell – 8 each side
Split stance, straight back when doing row w. kettlebell

Superset / 4 rounds
Split stance deadlift w. kettlebells – 4 each side
Cable anti-rotation – 8 each side

Superset / 3 rounds
Lunges forward w. cable pull – 6 each side
Split squat w. cable pull/rotation – 8 each/side

Superset / 4 rounds
Bulgarian split squat w. dumbbell – 5 each side
Bulgarian split jumps – 3 each side


– Rest 90 seconds between sets in the first three supersets. Rest 120 seconds between sets in the last superset.
– Make adjustments so your execution fits your anatomy and eventual problems.
– Make sure that your body is ready for what you’re going to do. Be wise and true to your capacity, and make adjustments of load and intensity so your training makes you better, not worse. Pain? No go


– Attitude
– Effort
– Focus


Being committed to somethings feels good. Finding a source within you that helps you walk your talk and live with fire only comes from what’s important and true to YOU.
Find what’s filling you up with fundamental life force, and stay true and connected to that source.
That’s where consistency, motivation and meaning comes from.

Photography by
Kim Hellström

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