To get better and reach levels we never experienced before, we need intentional effort and intelligent overload. Then being equally intentional with the other 50% of training which is made up by proper and adequate recovery, gratitude and happiness.
Celebrate both the challenging performance part of life as well as the other side that’s about presence, love, connection and appreciation.
Just being where you are without any need to evaluate, criticize or be somewhere else than just in ‘this specific moment.’

Session 0003 is for your inspiration. Pick what serves you and do it with your whole heart and full effort.


Clothes: Francesca Top and Alba Tights

Warm up

3 position hip mobilisation with band – forward-backward / side / rotational – 15 /position
5 minutes rowing machine, increase intensity every minute
Cat and cow – 10
Side lunges w. upper body rotation – 10 each leg
Lunges backwards + step forward w. arm drivers – 10 each leg
Ankle jumps, from light to intense – 10
Deceleration lunges forward w. arm drivers – 10 each leg


Superset / 3 rounds
Lunges forward w. bicep curl – 6 each leg
Push ups, wide/narrow/normal – 5-5-5

Superset / 4 rounds
Dips – 8
Chins – 8-12

Superset / 3 rounds
Lunges backwards w. shoulder press – 5 each leg
Skater jump w. additional ankle jump – 4 each side

Triset / 4 rounds
Ball over shoulder – 10 (5 over each shoulder)
Squats w. ball – 10
Farmer’s walk w. ball on shoulder – 15 m + 15 m


– Rest 90 seconds between sets.
– Make adjustments so your execution fits your anatomy and eventual problems.
– Make sure that your body is ready for what you’re going to do. Be wise and true to your capacity, and make adjustments of load and intensity so your training makes you better, not worse. Pain? No go.


– Effort.
– Attitude.
– Focus.


Prioritizing your most precious relationships, making sure that love, appreciation and real connection are cultivated help you go harder in your sessions, at work or whatever limit you’re pushing. Valuing deep relationships is not just one of the biggest sources to a meaningful life, but a source to long-term performance and vitality as well.

Photography by
Kim Hellström

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