Going for a phenomenal life includes doing hard work. Consistently. To consciously put yourself in uncomfortable situations with the intention to grow. And being very intentional with pointing your efforts in the direction that you want to go.

Standards session 0005 is just one of the building bricks towards your potential. Looking at just one brick might not seem so powerful, but the truth is that it makes all the difference.
Everything you do will take you somewhere.
Point your effort and sessions, decisions and plans, in your chosen direction. Because it matters.

Things add up.

Over time you will excel.

Warm up

Seated internal/external rotation, 10 each
Side lunges w. upper body rotation, 10 each side
Reverse lunges w. ball, small rotation, 8 each side
Chins, 10
Push-ups, 10
Ankle jumps, 10
Bulgarian split squats w. straight arms, 10 each side
Skater jumps, 6 each side


Superset / 4 rounds
Side lunges w. dumbbell, 6 each side
Short jump to the side w. great impact + longer jump in the opposite direction, 4 each side
– increase the weight of the dumbbell every round

Bulgarian split squat w. dumbbells, 4×6 each side

Triset / 3 rounds
Side plank w. upper body rotation w. dumbbell, 8 each side
Push-ups + knee lifts on ball, 10
Ball plank roll out, 12

Triset / 3 rounds
Cable row, lunge position, 8 each side
Lift – split squat – drop, from 1 to 4 (then switch legs)
Chins, 1-4 (fatigue will be high)


– Rest 90 seconds between sets in the first superset. Rest 120 seconds between sets in the bulgarian split squats. Rest 90 seconds in the first triset and 120 seconds in the last triset.
– Make adjustments so your execution fits your anatomy and eventual problems.
– Make sure that your body is ready for what you’re going to do. Be wise and true to your capacity, and make adjustments of load and intensity so your training makes you better, not worse. Pain? No go.
– Give yourself a couple of minutes after the session to just be where you are, celebrate who you are and what you just did. Don’t take it for granted.


Being committed to somethings feels good. Walking your talk feels good. Living in alignment with your unique standards and values feels good. Taking care of yourself feels good.

Work hard every day to love and take care of ourselves. To be well conditioned and in your best shape – physically, mentally and emotionally. If you can do that – and then use your love, light, gifts and strengths to make others better – that’s how you live a phenomenal life and at the same time help raising the vibration of this planet.

It really makes a different how you show up. And showing up with fire, with focus and in your best shape, requires practice.

Standards session 0005 is one building brick.


Photography by
Kim Hellström

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