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We continue to push your mental and physical edges with standards session 0002. 
Progression in many forms is the objective and as always it lies on the foundation of your attitude, full effort as well as in being connected to your body. You need to make optimal decisions for long-term performance, health and vibrance. 

We emphasise the importance of having enough knowledge, body awareness and training experience to apply (some of/all of) these exercises in your process.


Warm up

5 minutes running of different kinds

Goblet squat – 10
Side lunges with upper body rotation – 10 each side
Deceleration lunges forward with arm drivers – 10 each leg
Hanging – 20 seconds
Bulgarian split squat, arms over your head – 10 each side


Deadlift w. lower weight, 1 set x 5

Triset / 4 rounds
Deadlift – 5
Push ups w. knee-to-elbow – 10
Pull ups w. bent legs – 5
—– Deadlifts; increase the weight after every set

Triset / 4 rounds
Lunges backwards w. kettlebell on straight arm – 6/each side
Crunches w. weight plate bent crossed legs – 12
Short + long side jump in resistance band – 6 each side
—– Switch legs after six reps when doing crunches

Superset / 3 rounds
Squat + shoulder press w. 1 dumbbell – 8/each side
Backward single leg jumps – 8/each leg
—- In squat + shoulder press; one foot on your toes, leg externally rotated,
your bodyweight mostly on the opposite leg
—– In backward single leg jumps; focus on control


– Rest 2 minutes after every round in triset 1 and 2.
– Rest 90 seconds after every round in the last superset.
– Be intentional with your load. Fewer reps: more load. Always with control.
– Make adjustments so your execution fits your anatomy and eventual problems.
– Make sure that your body is ready for what you’re going to do. Be wise and true to your capacity, and make adjustments of load and intensity so your training makes you better, not worse. Pain? No go.


Did you do your absolute best to be able to get better…? If not, why not?
How did you approach your session…? Were you clear about your long-term goals?
How was your focus? Pointed towards what was important in ‘this moment’ or pointed elsewhere?


Long-term progression is built on consistent training with a clear intention in every session. Don’t just do stuff.
Do it as good as you possible can. Hold yourself accountable to high standards.
It makes all the difference.

Photography by
Kim Hellström

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