To be on this planet should be a blessing

To be on this planet should be a blessing

To be on this planet comes with both possibilities and responsibilities.

The possibilities lie in the opportunity to feel, to connect with self/others/the divine, to work for accomplishments and potential, and to create what’s meaningful to us in a way that’s meaningful to others. 

Because the responsibilities lie in the way we respect others and planet earth.

That we go through life with fire and determination to be the best we can be, but at the same time never refuse another person the same opportunity.

Human potential, joy and inner peace should not be a luxury. It should be human rights. 
Our work is to continue to foster it. 
Align, integrate and use our gifts, wisdom, love and light in a way that’s meaningful to the whole planet.

To all people. 

Not in a way that reduce our own value or that drains our soul, but that gives us a never-ending source of motivation.
That’s what happens when purpose is clear and bigger than ourselves. 

At the core, this is the Truth for all of us. 

To be on this planet should be a blessing. 
Let’s work together to raise the standards, both for ourselves and for people around us.

The work is to celebrate life, the journey of this lifetime, and to be really determined, focused and strong to help everyone on this planet to have the same opportunity to celebrate the richness of their lives. 

Let’s raise the standards by being an example of human goodness. 

That’s active work


Photography by
Marcus Falk Olander

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