What are your standards?

What are your standards?

Before you can live your standards you need to find out what they are.
This is a deep work that can take a lot of time and be overwhelming at times.

Make a statement to yourself that “this is the work I need to do to be able to live my best life.”

Then you start with a pen and a blank page in your journal, surrounded by silence.
Contemplate life.
Contemplate your role in your life.

How do you like to be to yourself?
What is important to you?
What is not important?

How do you want to be to others?
How do you want to handle stressful times?
How do you want to be to others in stressful times?
To yourself? Can you keep your standards high and still be respectful to others despite external factors that are challenging you?

What gives you a deep sensation of mental stimulation?
Which people interest you?
Which people are giving you bad/negative/restricting/hesitant thoughts/feelings?
Do you allow them?

What are the most important values, words, routines and standards, to you, to live a rich and connected life?

Do you believe in something bigger?
A bigger purpose?
A bigger calling?
A bigger force? (God, Spirit, Source etc.)

What do you often say to yourself that is dampening your momentum, your creativity, your faith, your performance, your curiosity and your love for life?

How are you restricting your own capacity to create and express who you really are?
What can you do about it?
How can your dialogue with yourself sound different?

There is a lot of work to do.

The most meaningful work you can do.

Then you can give that, you, to others.


Photography by
Marcus Falk Olander

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