What we all can do

What we all can do

What we all can do is to treat ourselves as good as we can.

Fuel our desires. 

Read and engage in what interest us. 

Do our best in those areas that we find important.

Always come prepared for the work ahead.

Prime our day, our mindset, by writing down what we are (truly) grateful for, and what we find really meaningful and important in our life, in our work, in who we are.  

Contribute to the well-being of other people by asking what they are grateful for. 
And really listen to their answer.

Allow ourselves to receive love, to feel harmony here and now, without the thoughts that we need to do anything in advanced to “deserve” feeling joy or at peace.

Allow ourselves to laugh without any restrictions or worries about the future. 

Create space every day to just sit and observe our thoughts and feelings.
Just rest in pure awareness.

Then, when we are centered, connected and grounded – at our best – we can give that, us, to humanity. 

Be of service. Of influence.

Contribute to the betterment of the world.


Photography by
Marcus Falk Olander

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